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The 206 has the same cabin width as a 182...but is stretched and given more power. If my failing memory serves me correctly, they were known as "Super Skylanes" and later renamed "Stationairs". The 206 in the right hands with the right STOL kit is quite a performer for short strips with good loads. It flys like a smaller Cessna, but with a little more jam. The 206 and 207 have the same engine, but have different gross weights. 3600 for the 206 (with standard wingtips) and 3800 for the 207. Just watch out for those tail heavy loads...especially in the 7. :blink:

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very true on the 207.....easy to aft-load them!. the most reliable airplane I've ever worked on was an old, beat-up 207, 14,000 TTAF and never skipped a beat....

pilots used to a 206 consider a 207 underpowered, but they will out-work a 206 hands down. they NEED a horton or a sportsman STOL cuff to give them the ability to get off the ground with any kind of respecatability, but they haul more, are tougher and more versatile than a 206

with a dense or heavy load in the fwd baggage compartment to off-set the aft load, they are not so bad....I've taken off out of strips so short that a helicopter pilot would be nervous many many times....its a slow climb, but its confidence inspiring....it just does its job, out hauling a 206....without much fanfare. They have been called "crowd-killers" because of the extra seats and a slick wing ( no stol kit) makes them a bit sluggish with a gross load. Put a good STOL cuff on them and, as my old boss used to say "it stalls when the AIS needle is on the second "E" in speed", on the lettering on the guage....and thats 40 MPH!


there can't be too many 207's left out there, but operators who know how to make money will pick them over a 206 if they carry many pax. they are just too good of an airplane.

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