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Max Weight For R22 Student?


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I would like to know how much would be the maximum weight to fly the R22 as a student, I know the flight manual says max allowable: 240lb per seat (R22 Beta) , but to be able to train (with an instructor) in a R22, how much would a student would have to weight?


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I don't fully understand what you are asking. In away you answered your own question.

The seat structure of the R22 is capable of handling 240lb per seat maximum x`2`= 480lb cabin seating.


You can have a 175lb instructor in one seat and a maximum 240lb student in the other seat.


Does that help???


If not get back to me.


Cheers, Don

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Don't qoute me but I think the R22 has a max take off weight of 1370lbs (it's been a while). If you go from there, take away the student's weight, the instructor's weight, the machine, and oil, what you have left is for fuel.


Not much if the student clocks in at 240lbs.


Max take off = 1370 ( I think)

Instructor = 190 ish?

Student @ 240

Machine with oil is around 870lbs I think?


If my numbers are close, that leaves 70 lbs for fuel and everything else i.e. survival gear, winter jacket, etc.


So in other words it doesn't work too well if the student weighs in at 240. You will just leave the barn and have to turn around for more fuel. Weight and balance also becomes an issue with that much weight at the crew station. That being said, I know it has been done before.


Robinson includes the 240 per seat limit due to the compression and crashworthiness (sp) of the pilot and co-pilot seat.


Hope this helps.






At max gross that thing auto's like a greased crowbar. :shock:

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A wet R22 Beta weights about 885 lbs, with a max wight of 1370. I'm 195lbs, and I fly with a 200lb instructor. That leaves me with about 90lbs of fuel, which gives me half a tank, and about 1.7 hours of safe flight time. We are also right on the line of the center of gravity limits. Another 5 or 10 lbs in the flight seat, and we couldn't meet the flight limits. Of course, if you have an instructor that is lighter then mine it's different, but your lateral C of G might be waaaay off. You best bet is to talk to the school, and have them do the weight and center of gravity calculations with your weight.

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It would be brutal learning when you have to max the machine just to hover and to do exercises. You wouldn't be able to do max performance take off's or things like that. Maybe at the end of your coarse when you are a little bit more effecient and smooth you will be able to handle the max gross weight. A 44 is probally what you will end up working on anyways. but it will cost a bit more.

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On the other hand, you will get to know power-management very well. On such a small aircraft, your filling most of the leftover weight with fuel anyways, so most people of reasonable weight (185 lbs) are taking off at close to gross-weight anyways. As long as you can remain withing C of G limits, go for it. The X-factor here is going to be your instructors weight. If he is below 190, your probably good to go, but don't hold me to that.

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