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Max Weight For R22 Student?


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Used to work for a flight school in the US as well.. When I started I was 225.. And they gave me a light FI to fly with.

I got hired at the same school when I was done, but at that time a had lost weight and showed 185 on the scale..

My experience... It doesnt matter if your 215 as long as the school can offer a light FI.

That you cant do max performance take offs etc, i have to disagree with, we always fill the extra space with fuel anyway.. so your almost always at max gross in the 22..

If your 215 and your FI is over 200.. than probably ok in the beginning when your doing manuevers at the airport.. but problem when you get to xc stuff etc.


Where i worked in the US.. they charged $195 for R22, $39 for instructor, + fuel charge, and a .2 post flight

And no, student does not pay for instructor when doing solo flight in the US except when its supervised.

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There is no way that you can out more than 370lbs combined seat weight in an R22 and be within C of G. It is just too far forward and if you add fuel to bring it aft you will be over gross, regardless of the fact that empty will never be in. This from a Robbie hating Robbie Instructor


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I'm 200, my instructors weighed 150-180lbs. was no problem getting in 1.5's for training flights with normal takeoffs. well, things got a little screwy on the really hot days, train in the winter :P


To answer my inicial question, I just finished my training on the R22, (70+) hours, going to the R44 for 20hrs and then 10 hrs B206. Well the training on the R22 has been most satisfactory, I am at 210lbs and the intructor about 175 lbs, we could go out 1.5 with no problems, great to simulate a really laded machine to the max, due to the R22 lack of power, had to pil0t her with a lot of finesse.


So the R22 can take up to 240lbs per seat but don't expect to fly more than 1 hour at that weight.

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