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Qc Fire

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Just a quick post to inform you that there's a many major fire spreading in northern Quebec at the moment.


The real problem is that the Cl-415 pilot are in disagreement with the Forest fire Protection Society, so they've decided to land in some airport of there choice, witch really slow the process of fighting these fire. So if you work for a company that got some helicopter not working, it could be interesting to call: 418-871-3341. They're desperatly looking for helicopter to work on the fire.


Just my way of saving some trees.


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I heard via the news that there isn't any helicopter left available in North America to help fight Quebec's fire. Once again if you got any machine waiting for a job maybe you should give a call to 418-871-3341.


Thx again


P.S.If my topic has been useful for your company please let me know.

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Glad to see people are helping out.


That gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Its all about the $, Period when it gets big enough the machines will show up just like they always do doesn't matter what province or state the fire's in..

You did make me laugh though. Thanks


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