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Qc Fire

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I just heard that some machine have been sent out without calling the "SOPFEU" prior departure to ask them if they needed more machine and apparently, some got returned home because the SOPFEU had enough. I just wanna make something clear, I never told anybody to send their machine out without contacting the SOPFEU initially. It makes me feel like I kicked the industry in the nuts. In other words the situation sucks. I sincerely regret if any company loss time and money by sending helicopter out for nothing.

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hey !!!!!!!!!t-rex ...i sould be your french pilot ...........aaaaa....something i dont anderstand why the sopfeu does not requisionne all the hydro choppers around ....the is like 15 of them on the nemiscau area!!!!!!!!!


as for my self ..will be leaving tomorow morning at 5 ;00 am for back to work and will be on the fires !!!!!! :punk: :punk:106 fires in quebec at this time :shock: :shock: :shock:

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Just saw this on a newswire. That's some pretty busy airspace up there! Safety to all and good luck!



Forest fires are burning in northern Quebec and the province has asked for help from Ontario, Alberta and the northeastern United States. Five water bombers are on the way from elsewhere in Canada to augment the 14 Quebec has. Thirty-nine helicopters, some outfitted with buckets to pick up water, are also working the blazes. An additional 180 firefighters will be on duty.

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