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Buying A Gps, Suggestions?

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Wow Harmonic Vibe,


I can't believe you still have money left over after that recent wedding/trip you took..........Oh by the way congrats to both of you!!!!!!!!!!!

A toast from my hotel room!!!!!!!!! Hicup,hicup.......




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Sometimes I wonder why we spend thousands of dollars on installing GPS units in our aircraft, when everyone uses their own units that cost a fraction of what we spend.


Not slagging anyone, just musing out loud.


I totally see your point but if a company is set up with some decent hardware like Garmin 296/496 for every aircraft and one PC set up for a central GPS location database that guys can just grab that GPS and download/upload info for any given job... I've seen it many times on a handover where the new pilot has got to be ready to go and meanwhile all the coordinates for the job (which can be extensive as you know ;) ) are all on the aircraft's GPS. If the original pilot did it all on his own equipment the other guy is stuck with a night of programming - or possibly having to do it all on the fly. I think each pilot should have his own for at least a backup or in case the hardware in an aircraft is truly antiquated like a Trimble Approach....or :o VOR.


I'm just waking up....so none of this may be right/true or even worth reading. :unsure:


ps - Why are you slagging everyone? Real nice. :lol:

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Guest graunch1
Wow!! :shock: Garmin 276 for 649$!!! I want one!!


Check out the other portables as well as I think the Lowrence will give you terrain and has the buttons on the bottom and the screen on top I think the latest is the Airmap 600C. The 96c I have works great but you are always reaching over the display to push buttons. A friend of mine who was flying in the Yukon has the Lowrance and swears by it.

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I purchased my own Garmin 296. Man, what a great unit. It was a little pricey at about $1500 but it's a great tool and with the many types of upgrades you can use it for many years to come. One great function is the obstacle alerts that have already come in handy when you're in low vis in an area you're not familiar with. Personally, I would recommend spending the extra money and you won't be dissapointed. :P

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Costco has the Garmin nuvi 660 on sale Aug.06-19, $90.00 price reduction.

It does not have the original price on the coupon.

Look up www.Costco.ca for the price.



I did.I even called costco and they told me they never had a Garmin 296 at 649$ in any country, ever!

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