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Taking a leak...

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You spend a few thousand $ to buy a car and if the windows/doors leak you go back to the dealer and it gets fixed.


You spend a few hundred thousand $ for your helicopter and the windows/doors leak what do you do??


Anyone have the answer??


Be polite in the replys



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It's been 22 for me and yes most I've flown leaked aswell. Bell 212 leaked, Bell 222 leaked, Sk76 leaked, Bell 206 leaked, Ec 350 probably the only one in the world didn't.

The 206's I'm flying now did but now have stopped leaking from overhead and bubble windows. The key here is finding the right engineer that is handy with Proseal and door seals and doesn't say WELL IT'S A BELL they are supposed to leak.

For a price I'll give you his name.....lolol.9.gif

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By far the worse I''ve seen were the otherwise venerable 500''s, especially between the front seats. That''s where I would always put my flight bag, and would always have to carry a plastic bag with which to cover it during rain. Of course, it rained so infrequently in Newfoundland, that the plastic was rarely used


Pretty much everything else I''ve ever flown has leaked like a basket. I must confess however, that the 350/355 seem to be comparitively dry - but then again, Tupperware is waterproof.....  

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The tightest ship I ever flew was the 222 UT. Not a drop inside even in driving rain. The Airconditioner was nice in that thing too. You culd get it to blow snowballs on a 35 degree day.

The worst one for leaking was the BH 107. I swear that thing rained harder inside than out. And the bloody fire warnings came on all the time in the rain. Fun.

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