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3 Or 4 Hour Mins In Ont

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:down: So whats the deal in Ontario? Every year we all pack up and head out there lookin for some early fire action but when we get to dryden you find out some companies are collecting 4 hour dailies and some ae getting 3 hours. Are the ones getting three hour mins getting a higher hourly or just prostituting themselves out with the hopes of staying on longer? In the end we all leave with barely any unused mins anyhow.

I understand Ontario is just doing good business but why cant there be a standard like most of the rest of the country?


Just a little frustrating when you fly all the way out there to find out some jackoff is working against the rest of the industry.

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Most provinces with Alberta as the exception, the operator sets the rates and the daily mins. Early in the season we are required to submit the info to the provinces. When you arrive, every one has their own deal! Alberta sets their own rates and mins!!! There you go! Talk with your company managment about this. This is the same for ferry positioning to and from your base!

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You are correct when you stated that the operator sets the rates and the daily mins. Unfortunatly the operators still let the provinces dictate how these mins are applied. Ontario averaged and accumilated, BC averaged over 3-5 day terms ect :down: . There are exceptions for all the provinces, depending on supply and demand.I agree that the industry needs to have a standard for mins, 4 hours per day not averaged in any way! :punk: The crew would make more loot :rolleyes: the operator would make more loot :shock: and the agency which we work for would have happier crews providing a better service.

Every operator has a different idea what makes finacial sense when making these wacked out deals to the provinces but please take a few deep breaths, :lol: reach into the wife's purse and strap on a set that gets you 4 hrs per day not averaged!!! :shock: (p.s. Thats the big set)

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All the above is true, however, in Ontario the company does choose wether mins are averaged or not. there are 3 possibilities; No averaging, Term (over each extension) and Averaging over all extensions (over the entire hire). It is up to the carrier to negotiate with the Province.



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