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Sikorsky S92 Visiting Halifax Area

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So you have secured employment or is this a evaluation..................?


Which humilator, oops meant simulator are ya gettin in, the 332 or 61..........?


Have they found someone to fill your spot...................?

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How did the machine fly? Rougher than I thought it should for "new" technology. Lots and lots of BlackHawk and S76 parts, not so much "new" stuff. EFIS etc were not spectacular, a bit too busy and messy. As for commenting on it as a replacement for our Sea Kings, I will reserve that for an "over a beer" face to face chats only, sorry. And as they (our bosses) have reminded us, no media!

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Guest Bullet Remington



Yeah, can certainly relate to the grease thing. I'd been happy if it as just my shirt!

<_< Between the oil from the MGB filter, and the grease from the MRH and the TR, I betcha Stanfield's stock went up a hockey sock full. <_<


Nice shoot of the Motley Crew!! :shock: :shock:


Shot from The SHEER Water ramp. looks like it was taken on D Ward Ramp, on the E hgr side?? I do believe the tower's aft and to the right of the machine. BUT, I could be wrong, not as young as I used to be.


Oh, yeah. Which one in the picture is Whirly Girl??? :D:D




Your comment about the EFIS is not uncommon. We had more that a few of our Plank Drivers ( 737-700) find it a bit of an adjustment as well as the HUD. Couple hours in the Stimulator (Gotta get the Missus one of those) figuring out what buttons to push to display what ya want to see, and it becomes easy.


Only drivers that did have to adjust to it were the ex-mil drivers with time on the CF188 Go-Fast machine. :up:

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It will be selection/interview in December, probably SK61, but a little unsure. And yes we do have a new 'victim' who is a Limey. But he'll do fine. By the way can you do flight instructor rides?



And does anyone have a flightmanual or anything for the SK61 that may be of help?




PS I leave the 11th of November B)

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Vortex Ring - interesting comment about the screens. When I saw the pictures you guys posted, my first thought was that they went on the cheap for the panel with the vertical gauges on the number 3 screen. That technology is 20 years old at least.


I remember how hard we fought at Bell to get round engine gauges in the 427 and 412RSAF. Vertical gauges are almost impossible to read quickly, or to see trends, but they're cheap and don't take up much real estate so the designers like them.


Some will argue that you 'get used to it after a while'. As far as I'm concerned, in this day and age, if it takes someone 100 hrs to 'get used' to a cockpit, the designers have failed miserably.


Sikorsky have been patting themselves on the back for years about this thing, but as you say, there's very little in it that's new. It's taken them 11 and a half years to get it this far, and it's still not a shoe-in for certification here. They pushed the reset button on it in the late 90's, after a complete fuselage redesign, and now say that they've gone from start to certification in a few years. That's all part of the game, I suppose. In fairness to them, at least they realized their mistake and fixed it, unlike some others I know....


Anyway, nice to see that you had your eyes open in there. It's shamefully easy to take someone who's used to flying a 40 year old aircraft with steam gauges, and impress him with some fancy lights.


Final rant - you'd think they'd pull that flag off the side as well, or put another one next to it. Whenever we would demo a machine in another country, we'd always put that nation's flag on it, sometimes with the Maple Leaf and the US flag. Showing up here with the Stars and Stripes on the side, while trying to convince Canada to buy the thing is simply bad planning.

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so are you having trouble adjusting to all that technology in that bright red 206 you drive around twice a year, ya must spend the better part of your day just pouring over the pages and pages of revisions with the latest upgrades that have been installed :blink::wacko::D:D :up:


BTW....bite me! :up:

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Guest Bullet Remington

Sorry guys, in my previous post i should have and meant to state. The olny drivers NOT having a difficulty with the displays were the ex-mil F18 drivers!




I can see your point with reference to the vertical gages. On the -700 the two outboard displays are the PFDs and the two inboard are the NDs. The center display on the front panel can display engine gauges, and are round gages. It can also be used to display the HSI as well as WX Rdr.


The lower centre display is normally used for other parameters, such as hydraulic pressures, resevoir pressures, etc. In most cases the drivers don't use the lower center display, unless they lose one of the upper displays.


The only time (and I stand to be corrected on this, haven't been on the run-up course yet, nor in the sim for a while) that the driver will see a vertical display is when he/she transfers the Nav display on to the PFD. In this case, I do agree with you. I find it most disconcerting to focus quickly on what I'm trying to see.


Incidently, the STBY AI is also digital and a real bugger to figure out if yer not familiar with it.


Then again, I've only played with the sim, done a couple of approaches into YVR and YYC. I find it a royal pain to focus on anything when the Instructor starts setting off all those horns on ya on approach! :wacko::wacko:


To further increase the driver's exposure to these scenerios, we have set to a full mock-up, with displays in the CBT lab. The drivers state it helps quite a bit.


If ya get out this way, let me know and I'll see if ya can have a wack at the sim thingy. Then again, ya probably spend a bunch of time looking for the collective! :shock:

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Shearwater seems to be a hotbet for new aircraft... I followed a V-22 Osprey into town a few days ago. Boeing is in town doing ice trials on it for the next six months. Very interesting to see it doing circuits around the field while we are Christmas shopping at the mall nearby.



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