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Sitting watching the Canada Day Parade go by on beacon avenue at 10:53 in Sidney B.C. I happened to look up into the sunny sky because I overheard a woman say that it was supposed to rain today.

I must say that I was somewhat shocked at what I saw. Two very bright lights like Polished Chrome Disks reflecting in the sun, at first I thought they were a couple of foil baloons but quickly ruled that out because they did not appear to be moveing and looked to be at a guess between 20 to 40 thousand feet up,so hard to tell except that a thin veil of cirrus was blowing in from the west at about 18 to 20 thousand, though the metar for CYYJ at 19Z said cirrus at 12 thousand but that is only someone else guessing, to. So next comes this heavy out of YVR climbing heading south and these two UFO's are slowly heading east. The haevy, I could tell was going to be above the cirrus and it was, I could still make it out through the thin cloud. It passed directly beneath the eastmost bright " thingy ",so I was able to tell that at least the two objects were well above the jet. What you should appreciate here, is that this was a Very Bright, Sunny Day and to have objects shine in the sky at that range and with that intensity and be going that slow is enough to make a believer out of the observer.

One obvious thought is the usual answer, "Weather Baloon", not likely, how big would it have to be to reflect so brightly and if it is a huge baloon ( expensive no doubt ) then why two together.

So who can you seriously tell about this and who in the Fed Department takes this seriously.

This may bring on some Smart Alec replys, hey fill your boots, I have been flying for over 30 years and have not seen anything close to this.

Just thought I should share this with some of you who could relate.

Any of you hear about te recent sigting by a FW Pilot over in the UK

I don't think we are alone up there :shock:

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Guest who's yer daddy

I was under the impression that all Commercial Operators in Canada had a drug and alcohol policy policy in place and random testing is part of that is it not? :D

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Tough crowd, give the guy a break. He must have seen something unusual. Possibly there is a rational explanation, possibly not. Wouldn't it be interesting to find out. Instead he gets flogged and made fun of. Or, maybe he's just stirring it up for fun.


Hmmm <_<

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I see "things" in the sky every night! But, when the Scotch wears off in the morning they're gone.

Scotch and/or beer goggles don't count, Splitty! :lol: How are ya?!


Too easy : two elderly souls heading toward the bright light in the Promise Land.

I always thought that looked something like this. Like a stairway to heaven (with apologies to Led Zep). I like to think so anyhoo. :rolleyes:




Don: Nope. :)

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