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What The ?

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We just went through a few days where we were finally getting some posts...


Now we haven't had anything except in the helicopter forum for a couple days..


What's up?? Nothing to say?? Come on y'all.. Tell me about Westex's medevac contract, WestJet expanding, Zoom coming to YVR, Altaflights needing a pilot..


There's lot's happening out there and nobody is saying it here.. Let's do it people..



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Well Twotter I am starting my King Air 200 training in a few weeks and I'm crapping broken glass!


You know the typical self doubt..can I keep up with the plane, there's so much to learn in such a short time. You know the typical jitters. Any advice for someone just taking that first step from a C310 to the King Air?

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N2: if you're going the simulator route (ie FSI) you won't have a problem. Their courses are designed to take you in the front door knowing zip about the aircraft and send you out the back door some 10 - 21 days later feeling very comfortable with the aircraft.


I know that following my KA 200 initial, Iwould have had no qualms about getting into the left seat of the aircraft and flying it back home. The training is that good.


Biggest thing is not to "party" during the course....keep up with the reading and homework, but don't work 'til midnight. A couple of hours a night should suffice. Then then have a beer and go to bed!


Good luck and enjoy the ride.



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We just had a guy here do his intitial BE20 PPC coming off the Beaver.It can be a bit intimidating coming off something slower and less system intensive but, on an intitial an examiner isn't expecting you to be way ahead of the airplane.They want to see that you can keep up and do things safely and in the proper order.You can do alot to that end by remembering that it is your ride so you set the pace.Flying the airplane comes first.Take a second to analyze the situation and what immeadiate action is required,then do it.Shout for checklists,brief and rebrief if necessary.Don't be afraid to change your mind.Just remember to vocalize what you are doing.The more you talk,the less empty space there is for an ornary examiner to throw emergencies at you.And if you are blessed with a copilot,for the love of god,abuse them.Make them fly when you are briefing.Get them to read back clearances to you,and make them get clarification on confusing clearances,or clearances that don't have EFC's or reasons for doing a hold etc.Make them fly if you've lost situatioal awareness and need a minute to find yourself.Above all remember that you are doing a ride not because you met the minimum training requirement.You are doing a ride because someone believes you have the required skill and knowledge to pass.You should believe it too.And if you're still nervous,consider a shot of vodka before you ride.

Best of luck to you :up: .

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