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Heli Down Northern Sask?

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For the web challenged searchers...PS I deleted the names


Divers find helicopter, 2 crash victims

Last Updated: Tuesday, July 10, 2007 | 11:25 AM CT

CBC News

Police divers have located the bodies of two men, missing since July 1, in the wreckage of a helicopter at Bernick Lake in northern Saskatchewan.


The chopper was found Monday afternoon in 25 metres of water, with the two bodies inside. RCMP divers had been looking for the wreckage since Thursday, after debris was spotted in the water.


Pilot **** , , and passenger ****, were conducting geological work in the area, about 400 kilometres north of La Ronge, when the chopper went down. Husband was operating the geological equipment on board.


The wreckage was expected to be lifted from the water by helicopter Tuesday. The Transportation Safety Board and the RCMP will continue investigating the accident.


Autopsies are planned.

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I got to answer a comment someone mention about me. I work in the industry. I happen to have worked with both people involve multiple times. So i would thank the person who made those comments to keep them to yourself. To date i had not heard that the wreckage or bodies were found. I wanted to make sure that it was true and not rumors that were started. So next time think before you post comments like that. Thanks twinstar_ca. I was just trying to get the facts straight. There is no hug for warner from me!!!

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