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Price Question?


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Can anyone tell me why?? Does in Canada it cost 450$ to rent an R22, when just across the pond it's 200$?? The insurance companies are the same; maintenance is the same, just the companies ripping us, or what?? Thanx in advance for your intelligent response.

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check the fine print... is the $200 part of a course? What are the extras? For most part the cost per hour in Canada includes the ground school, books, instructor, fuel, insurance, and aircraft. I'd make sure that after the hour in the air they don't give you a hefty bill.

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Maybe I didn't do as much homework as I thought before spending my training dollars... :eye: my only other suggestion is quantity. I forget the name but a company in Florida was offering the same type of deal and had close to 100 R22's.


Very good question though... are there any operators who could shed more light on the question?

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As far as I can tell, ( I did my training in the states...)


In the states when I did my stuff (1998) the price was $195 US for an hour in the S300CB, Pluss instructor, pluss Insurance, and EVERYTHING was extra.


Remember you also have 50 additional hours to do, as you need 150 hours for CPL, you can NOT do your ride prior to having completed all hours unlike here... So you may WELL end up with more like 160 - 170 hours total time before you have your license, so....


Things may seem better and greener.


The insurance is not the same either these days, and even in most states now they will not let you flight instruct with less than 300 hours, so you'll need another 130 - 150 hours to get going.


And there are virtually no jobs outside flight instructing in the states unless you are an american citizen.




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Does not shed the light on why it's so expensive here!! I might just start-up my own school at say 300$ hour.


Ya, good luck with that!


12 gals per hour (or 48 ltrs) (1.50 per ltr) = $72.00


instructor = $80.00


insurance = +/- $70.00 per hour


maintainence = $80 per hour


Add it up and you are 2 bucks an hour in the hole for every hour and you haven't even paid for the machine yet.


I may be off on some of the costs but I'm betting I'm pretty close. Any instructors out there that can shed more light?

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I can see all the "soon to be pilots" heads shaking up and down whenever any "seasoned" pilots scream about raising the rates in the industry so everyone can get paid more yet when we have to pay the bill all of a sudden it's to expensive????? We use 3rd party training and I just had a pilot do a EC120 endorsement in Penticton and yes it's pricey but isn't that what we want, higher rates?

One or the other people you can't have both!

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