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Ya, good luck with that!


12 gals per hour (or 48 ltrs) (1.50 per ltr) = $72.00


instructor = $80.00


insurance = +/- $70.00 per hour


maintainence = $80 per hour


Add it up and you are 2 bucks an hour in the hole for every hour and you haven't even paid for the machine yet.


I may be off on some of the costs but I'm betting I'm pretty close. Any instructors out there that can shed more light?


i think your numbers are "kinda" close. avgas is 1.48 in cyxx and i know i won't work for less than 80 bucks an hour when teaching.........


as per insurance and maintainance , it may be a little high

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Down in the states I paid $205 + 7% tax + $45 instructor and earned my PP certificate just under $12,500 including books, not to mention money spent on other pilot related items. Topped it off $500 + tax and $0.00 instructor in a 2007 R44 Raven II with AC:up:

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Hey Chopperman (yes this is totally off topic) I may have some pics for your pilot... I was out for a ride a few times recently and managed to snap some pictures off of said 120.


If you send another pilot out my way let me know, Ill trade him lunch or dinner for information!


Now back to your regularly schedualed argueing. No Volition, I dont think charging 300 an hour would get you anywhere. Spinning your wheels most likely. I think something one has to look at is initial cost of the helicopter. Note someone like BCH's opperation where they can wholesale themselves the helicopter and then flip it for profit afterwards, this compared to a school using the same machine who had to pay full market value, how their rates remain similar is interesting to me. Surely the cost recovery of the sale of the helicopter would subsidise the cost of ownership? (this is speculation and hypothesis but its interesting to ponder.)


So considder this Vo, if you buy a Machine for $150,000 a standard amertization would put the payments at around 750 a month no? (again, speculation based on what a bank loan for say a commercial property is) Plus the property and taxes one pays for facilities. Perhaps the cost of opperation is high? Conssider that insurance in canada may be higher, property tax is also higher, intrest is probably higher on the loans necessary to start the buisness and then the need to be in a prime location.


(Fairly deep thought for summer... i should go to bed)

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Yeah, an explanation like that I'd like to see from Schools, but you'll never get one.


If you're a student... they kinda have to show you if you ask. You are paying for a service you have a legal right to know exactly what you are paying for. I asked and had it all broken down for me without any hesitation from the school.

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Same ryan, just interesting to see how a company with hi initial cost charges less then one that can attain said helicopters at cost... That being said, Im certain that the cost of land is MUCH higher at the latter school.




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Explain this for me,


R-22's go for 450 cdn and my G4 ( I can lift an R-22 ) has a higher useful load than a R44, fuel burn 17 gallons an hour ( thats dam close to $100 an hour ) goes out at only 50 bucks an hour more. Much higher operating cost. but still people are willing to fly half the helicopter for almost the same price. If the customers (students) are willing to pay them of course they'll cash the check.


With that being said, it is much more expensive to operate in Canada. We are regulated stronger, insurance is higher, taxed way higher and we are much smaller then most US schools. The Direct Operating cost for a Canadian school is much higher. We are also expected to teach to a higher standard in a shorter period of time and that costs money. ( experienced people are expensive ) and we don't charge for any of the extras.


As a FTU operator I can attest to the fact, its not the smartest way to try and get rich.




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Not to forget also, that A/C parts are always priced in US dollars......For years operators up here were faced with a canadian dollar as low as $.65......a large part of DOC's. And now some of that inventory they purchased has taken a further hit as our dollar is climbing... :blink:

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