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Hardest Airplane

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So who can tell me in their mind anyway the aircraft that is the most difficult to fly. My opinion in this matter is the Curtiss C-46 Commando. Once it is in the air it is beautiful, as long as both of the engines are turning. As soon as it gets close to the ground both mains turn into beech balls and in its mind the only way to roll down a runway is backwards. It is an amazing airplane that cruises at 165 KTAS, stalls at 66 KIAS at 48000 lbs gross weight and once you get the hang of it can handle 3000 feet relatively easily. There is a reason though that the max demonstrated crosswind is only 14 knots. Anything over five starts to be a big deal.

Lookin forward to your responses.


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Guest graunch1

I would think that anyone who flew Freddy Raindeer's C-46 out of YEV in ht e70s would agree. Probably ht eguys at Buffalo Joe's as well. I'm surprized it was never a big hit of an aircraft like the DC 3 as it can haul lots more. Maybe because of its handling characteristics?

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I think I would have prefered learning on a taildragger vice the 'mighty Musket'. I just remember on my Initial Clearhood Test getting into a porpoise. I looked over at the tester with fear in my eyes and the unspoken question, "What the H-E-double hockey sticks do I do now?" Fortunately, he applied full power and overshot before the nose gear broke off. I have harboured mistrust for that type of aircraft ever since. I may have had more confidence in my first solo in the Jet Ranger than I did on my first Musket solo. Ah well, if I find a new job, I'll have to head out to Revrend Chas. Dub-ya's place and get my indoctrination into standard landing gear aircraft! :up:


But seriously folks, though I've not logged anytime in it, I have heard the MU-2 is a handful and worthy of respect.

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The old Beech C45 'Expeditor' was no bed of roses, either. First of all, unless you were a midget, in the cockpit you were all hunched up like a dog making love to a football, and everyone I knew that flew it got stiff and sore within a couple of hours. Landings on wheels were a porpoising frolic. Even though it was a tail-dragger, the 'approved' technique was mains on with the yoke forward until the tail dropped more or less on its own, and those small twin rudders were flailing like flags if you had any crosswind to deal with. Never flew it on floats, but that was probably a darned sight better. B)

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