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Standards: Mtc. And Pilots


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I am wondering if there should be athe differences in the helicopter industry as far as maintaince of a commercially or privatly registered a/c. I have been on the west coast working for a heli-logging operation and find that they seem to want the aircraft to be maintained at a private standards even though they are commercialy

operated. is this common for other companies that you are currently with? The same goes for the pilot's that I work with they really don't care about the a/c that they fly as far as flight manuvers, cleanliness, and reportin gof provlems with there machine. At the other places that I have worked the pilots seemed to care more and had a desire to learn all they could on how to improve. And the maint. dept wanted to keep the a/c in imaculate condition. They wern't afraid to do right!

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I'll add my concurrence with "Elvis" comments - if things are as you describe, I would look for another job - does not sound like the place to be.


As far as your question re: is this normal - no it isn't - but, you will run into some operations like you describe, but they are prone to "incidents" that you don't want to be involved in. Professionalism should exits no matter what sort of flying you are doing. Logging and logging support is a dirty, bush job, but that is no reason to neglect the equipment or the flight manual - it is usually more dangerous work than other utility work and more diligence should be shown by pilots and engineers. Also, loggers and fallers deserve a clean machine just like any "suits" that may fly with you.


Hope that helps and good luck.

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If anything, a logging show should have better maintenance than a "normal" operation. Due mainly to the fact that logging machines are worked extremely hard. If they are cutting corners on maintenance, I would look for another job. You don't want to be the guy in the machine when, not if, something goes wrong.



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