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$1000 Grants For Apprentices


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Guest graunch1

Good idea but AFAIK, the apprenticeship program they are talking about is Provincially controlled programs such as car mech, plumber etc. and the AME apprenticeship is really non-existant as once the newbi is out of school they only have their CAMC Logbook and 2 years of hands- on to achieve the almighty AME License. here is no formal industry - wide program.


This has always been a problem with a Federal License and the provinces handling the apprentiship programs. I think RR College/Stevenson in Wpg had an apprenticeship program a few years ago but it was the only one in the country. Don't know if it is still going

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To be eligible for the AIG, you must be:


Canadian citizen, permanent resident or protected person

out of high school

a registered apprentice with an employer, training trust fund, union training centre, joint apprenticeship training committee, or apprenticeship authority

in a Red Seal trade program that is designated as such in the province or territory where you are registered as an apprentice

able to show progress within an eligible apprenticeship program by proving that you have successfully completed either the first or second year/level (or equivalent), through supporting documents.


AME apprentices are not registered anywhere. We only show up to TC with proof of training and work exp, and then write our test and then issued a lisence. A guy can do whatever he wants and take all the time he wants between school and writing his CARS. I know a couple guys that have been apprentices for like 5 years. Why you wouldn't want to get licenced ASAP is beyond me.

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so all the apprentices out there backing HEPAC....make the push to them to stand up for you, to become registered so that the finacial burden can be eased somewhat...a $1000 bucks is nothing to walk away from especially if all you have to do is file a few peices of paperwork..

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