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Firehawk - If you want to fly a helicopter you need a helicopter licence and if you want to fly a bug smasher then you need a bugsmasher licence :D:D:D


Seriously I would just about guarantee that you will need to change over to an Aussie licence of whatever type you have. The only exceptions are like McDermotts 214Bs that are still on the US register, those guys flying them have to have a US licence.


If you want me to find out more info then email me details of what licences you have and what you are trying to do there.


Heli Ops

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What are you thinking of FireHawk?

Got that fire-bug and wanna fight flames for 2 seasons a year? The snow-bunnies at Mica will miss you......

If it's sheep that you're after, better to go to NZ :D


Hollywood is on his way to Whitehorse this AM to drink with the TNTA boys for 2 weeks, but got drunk and took a turn for a blonde AC stew (oops, Flight Attendant) and missed his connection in YVR. We should read about his trip in the Saturday edition of the Vancouver Sun ;)

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that would be great if you have some info, A buddy of mine just went down there for a month to work and I didnt have time to ask him if he had to get a different licence.



Sounds like Hollywood hasnt changed much. Women and Booze.

I will be staying where Iam for awhile, Iam just in the middle of getting my U.S licence. The lodge honeys will have to put up with me for another season in Mica.


As fas as NZ goes Cylic Monkey has been down there for abit now so I think he's claimed a dozen or so Sheep.

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Been there, done that. You need to convert your Cdn license to an Aussie one (CASA). Same as here, you'll need to get an Aussie cat 1 medical, you'll have to do a written exam (which costs 50AUD) on air law, (open book, but the books weigh in at around 40 lbs and cost around 150AUD if I remember correctly, and it ain't easy !!), you will also have to do a flight test. All the above is assuming that Aus Immigration gives you a work permit.



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