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Fltduty Xls And Mac

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Just bought a mac as well 2 weeks ago(Love it)!. I guess you need to get a program called parallel or something like that so it will run windows as well. might be useful if you have any mapsource topo maps for the old gps since that will not run on a mac either. Ive been in a tent since i got the computer so I havent really checked further into it other than that. If you hear any better info let me know. Enjoy the mac! :punk:

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I too run a mac. However, Flight Duty XLS WILL NOT run on the mac os. If you wish to run flt duty xls you would have to run "windows" os on your mac. There are three ways to do that. the two most popular are "Parallels" and " Boot Camp". Parallels is about $100. Boot Camp is a free download for older Intel Macs and already installed on new Intel Macs.. However with all three ways you have to run a licenced copy of Windows (not sure if Boot Camp supports Vista but Parallels does for sure). If you can sleep at night with a clear conciesnce, then you can aquire and run a bootleg copy of windows with all three of the apps.

Another option is to call Eric Bradly or email him and ask him if he has a mac version of Flight Duty XLS.

I personally use Parallels with a copy of XP. I bought the whole kit and kaboddle from West World Computer when I bought my Macbook Pro. It works great for me.

Best of luck!

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no this is false I run flt duty time on my mac you just have to purchase the microsoft office program for the mac and it works great.




Firehawk, Are you running Eric Bradley's "Flight Duty XLS" on your mac? The version with the C.A.R.S. built in that will show you the CARS reg if you have violated your flight duty times? Or an Excel spreadsheet for calculating flight duty times?

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XLS should run on almost any version of Microsoft Excel (Mac or Windows) I've been running XLS on a Macbook pro and If I transfer to Bootcamp or a windows machine it will open the same file. You should be able to keep it on a Windows Computer and Mac and sync them so you have the most updated version.

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