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Illigal Satilites And Elt

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Guest bag swinnger

Sounds like some good old media propoganda to me. Fighting it any way they can. on the other hand if there is truth to the claims. I am gonna have a chat with some satellite watching pilots that I know! :angry:

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I'd have to agree with graunch1. The only way it would interfere is if the internal oscillator was leaky, and considering most LNB's (the box on the arms in front of the dish) are sealed in aluminum cases this is probably near impossible!


The units don't transmit, so industry Canada could care less!


Probably another rumor! :wacko:

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Guest Airplay

Some satellite TV services also have satellite internet available. (Like StarBand) These systems receive AND transmit signals via the satellite dish.


Even though the carrier frequncy is quite high (10 to 30 GHz) it is a digital signal that tends to be quite noisy and capable of spewing much lower frequecies that are equal to, or a harmonic of the modulating frequency, which varies with the data stream.


Furthermore, the cable modems that connect to the satellite receivers use between 68MHz and 850MHz as the downstream and upstream modulation frequencies. This encompasses the 121.5 and 243 MHz operational range of ELTs.


So...all you need is a crappy connection to your cable modem and you have a possibility of transmitting enough radio frequency energy to be mistaken for an ELT signal. You have to remember that ELTs only put out a couple of hundred milliwatts at full power, so a tiny well aimed signal from your cable can cause false alarms.


Yes. It's possible, but I question the numbers. The vast majority of ELT signals heard (about 99%) are false alarms. This has been the norm for years. Even before satellite TV was abundant.

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Guest Bullet Remington

Oh, Man! Disregard previous pot, except for the FUBARD and the Oldtimers! Better add BER to the comment in the previous post as well!!




Fly Babe: I've always wanted to say this... "Thanks, BABE!! ;);)




Ur of course, correct! And now that you've mentioned it, the last 5 attempts to post here proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt!!




This is teerible, I cain't spoll werth a hoot!! Better make it 6 attempts. I'm going T.U!! :wacko::wacko:

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Guest graunch1

I doubt that a digital modem signal on 121.5 or 243.0 would sound much like the swept analog tone of an ELT. Of course, anything is possible but it sounds more like a theory that needs a home :wacko: rather than anything in the real world

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