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Is It Too Late?

lotus steve

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Is it too late?


No, I don’t believe so. I am in the same position as you and I start my training in BC in September.


As has been said, you need to be aware that you will complete the training with nothing more than a licence to learn. Getting a break will be tough and you will be competing with people of 19 – 25, which may or may not work in your favour. But in essence it should be no different to making any other sort of career change and plenty of people successfully switch careers at any time in life.


Good luck, but hard work will probably serve better than luck.

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Hi there Lotus

It is never too late, you just have to have the drive and attitude to do it. There is a pilot I regularly work with, he did his trainning as a Heli pilot at 49 (never been in aviation before), he is now 54, and he's one of the best drill pilots in the company (we are talking about a 250 pilots company here), he's got the right attitude and is always a pleasure to work with. I myself as an AME for many years now, am going to start my trainnig next month, and I also thought that at 35 I was too old........«it is never too late

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I'm also starting this fall, it's an exciting time to start the dream.


Good luck maybe we can swap stories on training, what school are you attending. I'm still on the fence, any advice on the decision would be great. I've got it down to 2, I find it dificult with all the schools telling me thier advice.

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I did my training 8 years ago, when I was 40. With hard work and lots of good luck (Thank you, Chopperman, for giving me a chance!!) it's worked out, and I've no regrets.


Most important: You need total support from your family/significant other. They won't be seeing you for looonnnnnnggggggggg periods of time. That's gotta be fine with them, and with you!


Best of luck!!




PS. The situational awareness from climbing transfers well.

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Guest heli206212

Hey splitpin,


Thanks for that, I really needed to have a good laugh.. lol lol Like to hear a few jokes too if you got em.




Will PM you back there with those details, hopefully in the evenging. Sorry, been a little busy.


Oh, ya. There is one advantage you will have with your experience. I am sure you have RESPECT for those mountains, and will have a #### load of knowledge when and if one day you start to fly there.



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Splitpin ----------- Ex-RCN, retiring and still taking a course on that? Then you are what my wife, the teacher, would define as a "slow learner" and my heartfelt sympathies for what you have missed to date. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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