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Is It Too Late?

lotus steve

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Splitpin ----------- Ex-RCN, retiring and still taking a course on that? Then you are what my wife, the teacher, would define as a "slow learner" and my heartfelt sympathies for what you have missed to date. :lol: :lol: :lol:


Just trying to keep my hand in Cap!! (so to speak) :shock: :shock:

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Hey splitpin,


Thanks for that, I really needed to have a good laugh.. lol lol Like to hear a few jokes too if you got em.




Will PM you back there with those details, hopefully in the evenging. Sorry, been a little busy.


Oh, ya. There is one advantage you will have with your experience. I am sure you have RESPECT for those mountains, and will have a #### load of knowledge when and if one day you start to fly there.




I'm not a Pilot Lotus, I figured out many, many years ago, the real money and satisfaction is in maintenance!! However, I do know one thing about mountain flying. Don't fight the mountains, make them work for you. I have spent the majority of my convoluted career flying in the mountains with some very talented Pilots who constantly amaze me with the way they take advantage of the winds.

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Thanks everyone for the words of advice and support. I took the Cat 1 medical this morning, I passed, I thought that before I drop 50G's on training I better make sure there is nothing wrong, that I don't know about.


That's great, one hurdle out of the way.


Have you decided where you are training yet?

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I haven't decided yet on where I'm going to train. I have visited 3 schools in the lower mainland, talked to the instructors and checked out their facilities. It would be nice to find one that has the best of all three. I'm thinking that I will book a flight with a couple of the schools and see which place stands out as far as the instructors ability to teach, as well as his skills and personality. Does anyone have any advice on how to pick a good school?



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Hi lotus steve,


I also just turned 40 and decided to make the career change to CHPL. I work as a heliski guide in the winter, and have many many hours sitting in the left seat impressed with how the pilot got us onto the landing. Finally couldn't let anyone talk me out of it.


Because I have dual citizenship I considered taking the private first in the states then finishing commercial in Canada. I spent 9 hours in an R22 with a 300 hour instructor. It was valuable time, but I also went for intro flights with BC Helicopters and Chinook in Abbotsford. In the end I decided to go with Chinook and have been really happy with the training so far. It is worth the double cost compared to my US experience. I am at 40 hours with Chinook, and plan to be done by about mid November. My instructor at Chinook is Andy Roe, and I am very impressed with not only his ability and experience, but his teaching skill. So far very happy with the training.


So for any veterans out there reading this post, I will be another one of the 269 new pilots looking for work, and any contacts/advice would be appreciated. I have read most of the posts on this forum and found them helpfull and hilarious.





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