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Astar Down In Mcmurray?

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Hey all,


Not sure about the report above...is that the pilots name? Regardless I have friends flying for both Phoenix and for Ontario Hydro. If anyone could please send me some names it would be sincerely appreciated.




If You are that concerned call your friends and ask therm if they are involved.

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Thank-you to the kind person who sent me a private message with the names of both pilots involved. I went to flight school with both. Unfortunately I had lost touch with both pilots as life gets busy and I also left the civillian helicopter world. I guess its just a little lesson in life to keep in contact with those who are important to you. Surprisingly one pilot is in hospital a short distance from where I live...I plan on making a visit sometime this week. My prayers go out to all involved, my condolences to the family of the firefighter.


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Ray, thats the one in Manitoba. Another one went down in Ontario probably two weeks ago now. I hear the pilot in Ontario is recovering well. He was banged up pretty good though.


This is enough, everyone take care out there. Take that extra time, most of us get paid by the hour.



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