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School Reputation Vs Job Offering


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Hello again,


Looks like the first post generated interest, however no response. Hoping this will break the ice.


Do any of you work with pilots that have trained in Montreal? I am considering two schools which I will visit next week, however one seems to have been around longer and the other states that they hire some of their graduates. What would you guys do?


Also, I'm curious to know how all of you landed your first jobs. How did you do it? Where was it? How long ago? Are there companies that are know to hire low hour pilots or is it mostly a "being at the right place right time" kind of thing?



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I'm in the Montreal area, and the 2 schools your talking about...there's an instructor on this forum that works for one. I've talked to both of them, they both seem pretty good.


Thanks Volition!


What about the job offer thing? Anyone want to shed a bit of light on how they penetrated into the industry once they got their CPL.

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I confirm: three main flight schools in the 'Belle Province'.


Two near Montreal:

- Helicraft

- Passport Helico


And another one in Quebec City (try to get there and have a look too):

- Canadian Helicopters

But one thing for sure, no one will garantee you job...





To add to Tonio's post.

Actually there's another one :punk:



http://www.foxair.ca/ :-That's the one I will be building some hours with...former military people/They actually have a few Kiowa's, Gazelle, couple R22, and an R44. There rate is cheaper, and there not just a school. I visited Helicraft, Passeport Helico, and FoxAir/Helicopro today, I got to say I really like the last one. Thank you.

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I am in training at one of the schools, and am completely 300% satisfied with the one I am with. I also have personal experiance with another school which I didnt like, and the last one I know just a bit about. But its a very good school.


I dont want to give out names of the schools, but if you pm me I would gladly give you more information.



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"Get the best education you can, don't listen to the sales pitch, look at the facts. Go to the school that does the most realistic real world training."


Rob: Good point, but 2/3 of the students don't now what to look for. Experience is a hindsite perspestive and is difficult to teach, you can only live it.


There are in my estimation, to many training schools turning out to many unqualified pilots.


This will be looked into, in depth, once HEPAC gets going.



Cheers, Don

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If one first looks at the total number of new Commercial licenses granted by MoT each year, then one finally understands why few find jobs and why the pilot training industry (F/W & R/W) in Canada needs a punch in the mouth........and has for over 40 years.

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