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I use FSX and have just over 180 hours in it total but a lot of that is in the helis. Contrary to what some people have said in this thread, you don't need "the world's most powerful computer" to run it smoothly. Thanks to price drops in technology you can get a computer that can run it smoothly for under $1000 US (I havent gotten one yet but my computer runs it pretty well). Thanks to the sim I can now hover (its not rock steady but its almost there) and land anywhere the chopper's rotors will fit into. I usualy fly in IFR weather conditions in the mountains (Idaho, BC, Alaska, etc). I have also mastered autorotations with it and can now auto both the 206 and the R-22 with all of the realism sliders maxed. MS is making an expansion pack for FSX that will include the EH-101 Merlin and allow you to sling loads beneath choppers and use rescue hoists. I can't wait to start using the larger helo. Its about time!

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My computer has a 2ghz Athlon prossesor, 1.3 gigabytes of memory, a fairly powerful 128 mb GeForce video card, and runs Windows XP Home. I thought this should have been plenty for FSX, but it isn't. I'm in the market for a tablet PC, and it certainly would be great if it could run FSX better than my PC.

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Do you have Duo core processor? That would help. 2ghz processor is good. Memory is fine, mine is 2 GB. 128MB is low in my opinion, especially for FSX. I have 256MB card. You may want to upgrade that if you can. Put it this way, you don't need a super computer to run FSX. I'm runing it on a LAPTOP. You just have to have your settings turned way down. If you want to run it with display settings almost maxed your going to need probably one of the best graphic cards on the market with atleast a gig.

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