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What's That Smell?

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I almost forgot to ad that you can get someone with "The Phantom"


The air contained in foam seating obviously is pushed out when you sit on it, right? Sooo, when you're just getting up out of a seat, you let one go and the foam which is expanding due to a sudden lack of weight on it, will suck your 'essence' into itself. Unsuspecting victim soon comes along and sits on this seat and the 'air' trapped in the foam is now pushed out releasing a pungent aroma... but no one's around. :blink: Hence the name: "The Phantom"

It works pretty well too. A tech that I worked with at a car dealership used to do it to customers he didn't like: "Here are your keys, just sign here for the warranty work and you're on your way..." It can even last for up to 20 minutes I've heard. Try it out.



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We have had a lot of fun with our DOM's remote fart machine. It's got like 10 different farts and you can hide the thing behind someone's desk and then watch hilarity ensue. Anyone who doesn't jump out and buy one before the weekend is out is an idiot. :lol:



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When I used to instruct in the 300's. On occasion I would let a good one rip....then just before the smell hit ask the student..."Do you smell avgas!!?" Then they usually get all worried and have a big whiff! HAHAHA

Bit of an *** of a thing to do...but all the instructors found it funny!

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