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Hi to all.....

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New to the forum, but perhaps not to the industry as anyone whos been around for a while can see from my user name. If you don''t get, PM me and I''ll try to explain it. Started with Lambs in the 70s, was the first hire for Custom in 76 when they bought Lambs'' helis. Joined the Gov''t (sorta) in 79 and have been east to west with them, and now in Alberta.


Anyway, Hi to all and glad to be aboard...



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Hey Cambox, don't fall for the CTD thing, see, if LongRanger gets a hold of CTD's neck, he's gonna look reeeeeal funny (he even said so!) .  AND CTD, I's ain't coming to yur rescue! not until I'm well fed ! 16.gif Speaking of which, I'm in your area Friday, goddangit!  Hope the old beater doesn't let me down!  Actually, I'll be using the newer beater!  9.gif
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Welcome from south of the border. As long as you wear gumboots in this forum and wear a sheepskin coat you will be very very welcome. Pity you arent near CTD or 407Driver as you could give them some practice before they head downunder


Heli Ops

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