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Vortex Ring:

I thank thee for the offer, however, I'll be going to Norway tomorrow, and will stay there for a while.

On the positive note I'm up for an interview with CHC Helikopter Service which is one of the large companies flying in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea, and they fly Super Puma's and SK61, so maybe I'll get lucky...?


But I envy you the oportunity to fly an airframe such as the Sea King, as it probably is one of the most bautiful machines ever designed, AND it sounds nice flying over!


If you find you have trouble getting into the business, try instructing for a while, that may help (Civvy schools), since at least you'll get some light machine experience...


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Winnie all the best, keep the blue side up and enjoy.


407 & 412, now you guys understand some of the craziness we deal with. As for giving a pilot a rating on the 412 and then letting them go, that my friends is the whole idea of the Reserves, we want them to go, gain experience and come back over the several years and do more flying with the Reserves and share that experience.


There is tremendous gain for the Air Reserves, not everyone agrees with me. I'd rather train pilots that did that than wrestle with some of the ex-Reg Force guys we used to get off Hercs or fighters who thought they could just walz in whenever they wanted and we "had" to do refresher training on them and then they would disappear again. Most of the commercial pilots were actually more reliable and appreciative of the training and ratings and returned regularly or contributed significantly with their time.


I am a firm believer in the Air Reserves for training pilots and techs but not everyone shares my view. What I'd really love to see is the Reserves be able to attract 10.000 hour pilots, that would open great dialogue and introduce tremendous experience into the Sqns. Maybe some day.

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