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I see in chats about Australia that there are some Mi-8 down under. I've been to a lot of developing countries as many of you have, the Hip or Mi-8, Mi-17 etc.... seem to be "the" work horse. Why don't we see any imported into North America.


I know Kelowna Flightcraft did some panel upgrades on them and VIH managed to get Kamovs certified. But why aren't there any Mi-8s around? They seem robust as heck and simple beasts. I have always wanted a chance to fly one, closest I've gotten is to ride in one. They just seem like rugged trucks so what's up...anyone had a closer look at operating them?


Here's a piccie of the one I saw in Haiti run by a company out of Oregon, USA. (crewed by Russian Ex-Pats)

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I think you will find it is certification problem with any thing produced in the former iron curtain countries.


I could be wrong, but other than a few isolated cases of a granted certification for certain types, the Russains or whoever do not go for bylateral certification in other countries that have FAA ,CAA,TC or JAA


As usual I stand to be corrected.


Don McDougall

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Terrific piccies boys, thanks.


Blackmac I understand but it seems the machine is such a workhorse and relatively simple, much like pilots.... ;) so why has it not made any inroads. It's got a hook plus you can ramp stuff up the arse end of it....just curious....it is probably cheaper to buy than a brand new 412 and lifts more I think with similar daily operating costs as I believe most components go till failure.....ah but here lies the problem I guess....MOT probably doesn't allow operators to fly components to failure before inspection....ok I'm answering my own questions...I'm certifiable....... :wacko:

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Guest Airplay

It isn't just a matter of paying for a Type Certificate. Canada doesn't have a bilateral agreement, memorandum of understanding (MOU) or other techincal agreements with Russia. Therefore there is no way to even start a formal technical investigation between TC and the Russian aviation authority.


Second, like any aircraft, the certification basis that is adopted for type certification is usually the latest domestic or recognized standard for the category of aircraft and it is HIGHLY unlikely that any of the machines discussed have a chance of complying with FAR/CAR/JAR 29 (Transport Category Helicopter) standards at the current amendment level without significant modification.


So...don't hold your breath on seeing any of this stuff type certified in Canada.

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I worked a contract in Africa and we had one with us for logistical support, flown and maintained of course by Russians. Great guys to work with.


I got a chance to pole it a bit in Niger one day and the fu..ing thing is incredible, built like a German tiger tank and will work like a bear with very little maintenance problems that I could see.


To bad we can't get them in Canada.


Chas W. Your President..Bullet said so....

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