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Transport Stats On Comm Lic Issued...


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Lets see if we can get this site moving.........!!


I can't seem to find a number on the transport Canada website regarding how many commercial helicopter licenses were issued in the last 12 months.


I believe last year there were 268 commercial helo lic's issued....and how many do you think got a job......15....???



COMMENT ANYONE.....?????? :huh:






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" we can always pray for good things to happen ay !! "


i used to head out in spring and say "mama, make sure you pray for forest fires"! she told me you can't pray for destruction of beautiful forests!!! i said: "oh yes mama, you can"!!! :up: :up: :up:



for you new guys heading out remember...................



10% your shiny new licence and 90% your attitude!! good luck!

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Finally some life here..........



412 Driver said....

"10% your shiney new licence and 90% your attitude"



so from the experienced pilots' and chief pilots that will do the hiring,what would this attitude " mindset " be....??



-ready to learn

-willing to start on the ramp

-neat appearance,but ready to get dirty

-not afraid of change or challenge


and how about a big smile :D


Thanks in advance from any advice from the experienced...!!!!!



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well #### :lol: i thought finding a job was going to be harder than that !!

enthusiastic - energizer bunny"go go"

ready 2 learn - starts with schooling "done"

foot in door - 2 be expected "ramp would be awsome start"

appearance & dirty - previous experience in that field

change & challenge - being 34 and starting new career"very much so"

and the smile - well my dentist can attest to that :D


cool thanks 4 the incite :up: :up: :up:


salut !!

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