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Transport Stats On Comm Lic Issued...


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thanks for posting that link 412, some really neat numbers in there to browse through.


Although I would question the accuracy;


ATPL (H)'s per province for example are way off base. TC shows that the Rock has only 17...............funny, there are 18 guys looking over my shoulder while I type this, and they are all card carrying ATP drivers. Oh well, ya wouldn't want the government publishing something that was accurate anyway..............no offence there CTD. B)

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hmmm...........now ya got me thinkin 412, I thought that it was actually were they were active, as in were/what region the medicals were done. Will ask the question the next time I talk to a buddy of mine in licencing.


Did a list of quick names a know of at leat 30 guys with ATPL (H) here on the island alone and with the exeption of one or two they are all active.

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