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Anyone Go To Bristow Academy?


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I am looking for feedback on Bristow Academy. I have heard from several pilots that it is an excellent school. However If I attended Bristow as opposed to learning at a local school, I would have to wait an extra year.:down: I really want to get flying but I don't wan't to get my liscence and then not get a job because I didn't go to a well known school. All thoughts are welcome, thanks in advance

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I'm actually in bristow academy tiutsville and even is the school very busy, I also think that the training is high level as far as I known, because I've just be training in this place and never been somewhere else.

Many of the students had been in several schools before coming here, and I would say that every body is agree to say the training level is pretty good at bristow...


what is sure is that the maintenance is very good and most of the aircraft are pretty news, and the task might be not that easy, because there are something like 40/50 helos.


good luck

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