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Amo Set Up, Any Info?

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I would need some help and orientation on how to setup an AMO, all the paper work and approuval I would need. Is there any organisation that could help with paper work to be presented to TC for the AMO appouval?, if any of you guys have any info please PM me.

Thank you


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Guest graunch1
Here is something to get you started:


Sample MCM and MPM from TC:



Publication numbers:

MCM: TP14408

MPM: TP14428.


You will need to submit form 24-0070 with the manuals.


Make sure you submit manuals that you can live with while still complying with CARs.


Hope it helps.




also expect to spend a lot of time with your new found 'friends' at TC. Try and find out from some of the other AMOs who is the best and the worst of the PMIs and hope for the best <_<

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