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I guess I should have kept my mouth shut. Again.


I represent the Minister on most of these accidents (because the a/c is Canadian made), but I really don't have any meaty info that isn't already in the public domain. Nobody in any of those circles has cited corrosion or environmental issues as being a factor an any recent event, I'm just thinking out loud. Or, more correctly, in print. OK, in cyberspace.


The recent accident rate in the GOM, compared to the rest of the planet, seems to be an anomaly. This has been spread across many operators, not just PHI, and have been attributed to both mechanical and non-mechanical causes.

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does PHI have a PHPA content?


If so, does this Association (which runs itself like a Union) maybe have a negative impact on the quality of pilots?

Perhaps what I'm saying is, how effectively can PHI rid itself of poor performance from the pilot side?

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Read this from JustHelicopters.com






Date: December 02, 2003 at 18:33:55

From: Current PHI Pilot,

Subject: Re: Crash In Gulf Today



As most of the rest of the posts on the accident you are incorrect. There have not been 12 accidents at PHI this year. The pilot was not a new, underpaid, forced to fly when he shouldn't have pilot. He was very senior and the victim of a mechanical failure.


Not so long ago another operator in the gulf went through a streak of accidents. It's just our turn. Why? Who knows? I can assure you that management is doing everything possible to stop this. We've been through it before and we'll go through it again. It's the nature of the business.




I yhink you should read the whole tread:



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