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Is There A Benefit In Putting Low Skids On A Helicopter?

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Hmmmmmm....don't have photos to prove it because I took great offense at my stupidity and the collection of grinning engineers asembled wouldn't have dared to take a photo, but "Yes".....I've flown a 206 with no skid gear of ANY type attached.


A/C weight was about 1550-75lbs and had full tanks. It had me and an engineer friend onboard also doing a track on the M/R blades after a major O/H on the a/c. Registration will go unmentioned of course.


Particulars?...........Speed 135-137MPH with 70% Q. These readings we could not understand at all until we accidentally happened to look out and down for some reason.......and "Holy sh** man"! We tried 150MPH VNE to see what Q we might be pulling at VNE on the return flight and reached that point at 75%.


The arrival back at the hangar with no landing gear and many grinning faces is another story that I won't delve into here. Suffice it to say that anyone who has flown floats on an R/W and had almost all of one side defate for some reason, will be able to guess how the landing was accomplished........VERY CAREFULLY of course.



You may stop laughing now.

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TwistedSpar.......someone produces a picture of my 'event' and I'll rip his face off with glee. I swore my engineer friend to silence forever over this and his answer was......"Don't worry buddy because nobody would believe me if I related this story to them anyway, so your safe" and then he falls down laughing his fool head off.

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