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Lamas In Bc


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Hey Frederic;


Nice pics, what altitude is the one of B3 and lama.


The one Gab took pics of has LOM(new) and the second one has metal. Will be interesting to see the real difference in the heat of summer.


It is like having a flying museum, people are really interested in it. The other day in Bell II, Bernd Van Doornick stopped by on his way north and had a nice visit. He has 16,000 hours on Lama and 24,000 total time. Was cool.


You get used to the oil and grease, is like LOV lotion,,,ha.




Hi paul,


We use here the B3 up to 2'500 meters (8'200 ft) and then the Lama beats the B3 in all situations! Yop I know Bernd, he used to work very long for Air-Glaciers : realy nice guy actualy... say hello from me if you meet him again ok? Many happy flying hours with your Lama!



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Fred - That photo brings back memories. I spent a week staying at Patrick Faucheres place and flying in the B3 and Lamas all week. Went out spraying early one morning with the Lamas and then up into the mountains with Patrick in the B3, an awesome country.


Please tell him I said hi.




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After having the pleasure of chatting to Skully I,m fully convinced that I want to fly one of these.

(PS were still having fun in your B2 Paul :punk: )



No Problem, just keep it clean.


The y-pipe is used to keep the bushings clean and t/r stack bearing in shape,,,,tail clean too!!!



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