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B205 Video

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found this on youtube...


Like all movies it was embellished a bit....guys only out for the two days, which couldnt have been fun....but neither guy brought any extra food or water in case of emergency.....go figure on the north shore of Superior.... :blink:


Not to mention they stopped drilling after their shift ended too.....


Any word on another Expedition incident?? Hearing possibly of a 206??? But nothing confirmed....

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Occurrence Type: Accident Occurrence Date: 2007/08/29

Occurrence Time: 1234 Z Day Or Night: night-time

Fatalities: 0 Injuries: 1


Canadian Aerodrome ID: CYCN Aerodrome Name: Cochrane

Occurrence Location: 5 miles west of Cochrane (CYCN) Province: Ontario

Country: CANADA World Area: North America


Reported By: NAV CANADA AOR Number: 84848-V1

TSB Class Of Investigation: TSB Occurrence No.: A07O0238

Event InformationCollision with terrain


Engine malfunction - other

Forced landing

Aircraft InformationFlight #:

Aircraft Category: Helicopter Country of Registration: CANADA

Make: BELL TEXTRON - CAN Model: 206L 1

Year Built: 1981 Amateur Built: No

Engine Make: ALLISON Engine Model: 250-C28B

Engine Type: Turbo shaft Gear Type: Land

Phase of Flight: Unknown Damage: Destroyed


Operator Type: Commercial



Date: 2007/08/29

Further Action Required: Yes

O.P.I.: System Safety

Narrative: A Commercial registered Bell 206 Jetranger owned by Expedition Helicopters Inc, was reported overdue on VFR flight plan. Communication search initiated that progressed to alert notice stage. A report was received from a person 5 miles north of Cochrane who heard what she believed to be an aircraft that was having engine trouble. RCC dispatched search and rescue. The aircraft was found, crashed and burning approximately 5 west of Cochrane. Two TSB investigators have been sent to site.



Date: 2007/08/30

Further Action Required: No

O.P.I.: System Safety

Narrative: UPDATE Supplemental information received from T.S.B. Initial Notification (#A07O0238): The Bell B-206L-1 helicopter went overdue on a VFR flight plan to Cochrane Airport (CYCN). Search and rescue personnel located the crash site approximately five (5) miles west of Cochrane. Initial reports indicate that the pilot was injured and the helicopter was destroyed. T.S.B. investigators have deployed to the site. Note: the class of investigation is being assessed.



Date: 2007/08/30

Further Action Required: Yes

O.P.I.: System Safety

Narrative: UPDATE Supplemental information received from J.R.C.C. Trenton [2007/08/30]: NAV CANADA staff at London F.I.C. reported an overdue Bell B-206 helicopter (due into Cochrane at 0030Z). Expedition Helicopters, owners of the overdue helicopter, provided additional information and commenced a ground search based on a private citizen report of hearing a helicopter in distress. J.R.C.C. Trenton staff requested the assistance of the Ontario Provincial Police North Bay detachment for the ground search (due primarily to low ceilings and fog in the area). A 424 Squadron Hercules aircraft (RESCUE328) and Griffon helicopter (RESCUE419) were both tasked. The helicopter (which had in fact crashed) was located by local authorities. There was a subsequent fire (which was out of control for a while) which was started by the pilot after the crash. The pilot (the lone occupant) survived with minor injuries and was transported via ambulance to Cochrane Hospital. The SAR air assets returned to base. T.S.B. action was initiated -- no further action required. Case closed. Timing: Hercules (RESCUE328) - 1.8 hours; Griffon (RESCUE419) - 1.9 hours.

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