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i saw a copy at chapters just the other day... the MHO project was the cover story... GG is still writing the flight safety column... was an interesting continuing saga of a low timer trying to get a job... she got taken bigtime by an operator according to what she wrote...


to be honest, i read it and put it back on the shelf... :unsure:

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Isnt it funny how a place like Chapters will get a copy before the people that are subscribed, I still havent recieved mine either, I wont be renewing my subscription,

I seem to always get mine a month after it has been out. Verticals got my vote

Helicopters seems to be getting pretty dry in reading. :stupid:

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Hi Guys,


The latest issue of Vertical has just hit the streets. We have a great feature story on the fires in BC and Alberta. 407 Driver supplied us with some fantastic images for the story, including HTSC's newly acquired Bell 214ST. We should have this issue up later today on www.verticalmag.com


Also, stay tuned for the release of Vertical's new and improved website, thanks to Kyle, within a few weeks!


As for Helicopters, not sure, but I thought the last issue that came out had a cover date of Oct/Nov/Dec, so I don't think you'll see another one until Christmas.

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