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"you're At My 12 O'clock"

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With all the incidents and accidents of the recent past, I thought I'd start a post of a lighter nature.


I'm in a camp now with two machines moving crews and drills. The other machine was out picking up a field crew when i over heard them on the repeater calling in the helicopter for pick ups. Now we've all had the' "I'm at your 3 o'clock, oops i mean 9 o'clock" as you start a right turn. Well this crew has been an adventure every night. It was funny... Anyhow, the helicopter was circling around getting vectored all over the place when the guys on the ground called in and reported that the helicopter was now "flying perpendicular to us now". There was a long pause on the radio, then it burst into all the witty banter from the pilot, drillers and everyone else with a radio. For two days now any direction I've gotten has all been perpendicular to something. Loads to fly out have been placed perpendicular to my pad.


Now there has to be a pile of stories like this out there. Share them. We all could use a laugh.


Hope every has had a great summer.

I have.


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On a seismic job, pilot comes in to pick up a jughound at a pad.

Pilot radios in to the guy to stand with your back to the wind.

Guy replies, 'Is that with my back to the wind facing you or facing away from you?'


Had a female geology student come out to the remote site to do some field studies.

End of the day, needed to radio in for a pick-up.

'Ready at the launch pad', which started all sorts of ribbing on the radios about NASA, and launching rockets...


On a fire, a 204 was being flown all over the place by the dispatcher who didn't seem to know where the crews were.

Each time the pilot would fly about 15 minutes in one direction only to be told to fly 20 minutes in the opposite direction. He would calmly respond 'KFC'.

At the end of the day, I noticed his registration wasn't KFC, so I inquired.


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Today, in north central Saskatchewan:


Px: "I'm on the little muskeg right next to the lake."

Me: "Which lake? There's hundreds of 'em."

Px: "The one over here by the muskeg."


I just about fell outta my chair! Good thing I had the seat belt on!!



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Vancouver Harbour Tower was having a very busy time. There was about 6 float planes that wanted to go as well as myself (Helijet). I had called for departure clearance and was waiting my turn. After about one minute I called again. The gal in the tower was getting more and more harried and I could see the stress level climbing. She skipped over me twice when I finally made another call:


me: tower, helijet 712 still waiting..........


tower (in a stressed voice): helijet 712, just let me get this beaver going and I'll get you off......


me: tower, for that.....I'll wait!


:punk: :punk: :punk: :punk:


there was 30 seconds of complete silence on the radio after which the call sounded like this:


FLOAT PLANE FABC cleared to take off, FLOAT PLANE GABC HOLD YOUR POSITION, Helijet 712, when you have the FLOAT PLANE taking off visual.....GET OUT OF MY AIRSPACE!!!


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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