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Congratulations, Flinger


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Newsflash - Our very own and beloved Flinger (AKA Punk, Lightweight, Bum, Nish, etc.) has landed that foot-in-the-door job. Congratulations, me-old-trout, and here's hoping your career spans many thousands of memories and safe flying hours. Well done.



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Well done indeed, Flinger!!!!! :up: :up:

Play safe, have fun and carry lots of spare undergarments, cause if yer like me you will propably **** yourself a couple times a day :P :up:



LongRanger why are you telling everyone about "THE PLAN" ...........


Got yer he-male bi da wae.........shes nice by' , da chopper dat his :up: :up:

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Congratulations! The first job is the hardest one to get!


I wish someone had suggested to me, what I am about to suggest to you. Take lots of pictures.... then add the special ones into your log book. 30 years later... you'll be glad you did.


I started 10+ years ago after seeing the logbook of one of my peers, and now my log book is a joy to 'read'. I've included small stories with the pictures, and it's not unusual for one of my kids to pick it up and read it! It's a wonderful keepsake.


In the world of electronic log books, it won't hurt to keep a hardcopy book with lots of pics of aircraft, people, situations and so on. I promise you.. you won't regret it! My only regret is that I didn't start doing it in 1972 when I started this wonderful career!

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Good idea on the logbook pictures Batman. I was fortunate to see someone doing that when I started in this business in the late 70's (it was "squeaky" I think?) and I have put pictures in all of my logbooks ever since, (3 full sized books so far).

I was getting a TC endorsement once, and was worried about what they may say when viewing my log....the Inspector loved it !

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Thanks everyone. I'm pretty excited.. Actually, I'm happier than a pig in $hit. :up:

Its been quite a while coming (been outta school 3 and half years) so I'm really looking forward to some well deserved stabilty.


Thanks again to all of you who have helped out along the way. You know who you are.





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