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What Do You Want An Assn To Do For You

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I thought it might be a good idea to start another thread outlining what potential members actually want the proposed assn to achieve for them. The other thread is all about actually wanting an assn so rather than get the two mixed up how about making your wants known. Here are a few from me:


* Increasing media awareness of the positive side of the helicopter industry and what they do to serve their communities.


* Create a one stop job shop that students can check with to see whats available at any given time.


* Maybe accreditation for schools in regards to training standards, that way students know if they go to a specific school that they are up to scratch.



These are only a few suggestions and there are many more that you who live and work in Canada can post. This also gives the potential management an idea on what to work on.


Heli Ops

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Guest bag swinnger
* Maybe accreditation for schools in regards to training standards, that way students know if they go to a specific school that they are up to scratch.

would be nice if they could some how control the puppy mill situation . cant say I agree with that part of our industry. I heard it to be a 40% hire ratio. not sure how we compare to other countries.

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Good point Elvis.

Still, it seems to me that TC often applies standards to the helicopter business that are far more appropriate to the airlines, but we all still find a way to keep on operating.


An Association may be able to make recommendations that most of the operators will adopt. However, as you point out, an Association cannot actually make enforceable rules.


After reading the sad tale in the latest Helicopters mag of the girl who got taken by an operator this summer I would like to see an Association that would be able to have some recommended guidlines for those who are trying to break into the industry.


Along with that could go recommended rates for contracts and perhaps even a standard contract format. This may make it easier for those who are entering into contracts to ensure that get their contract in writing and, possibly more importantly, in a legally accepted form.


I would also like to see an association that works closely with the regulatory bodies to further the industry standards in both safety and employee realtions.


Also, I would like to see the Association as a place for a member to turn to when things do not turn out the way they had expected. Whether that be an employment contract gone wrong or an accident or incident that the member needs some help and support regarding.


I am sure there are many more things that the Association could do for us all.

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"would be nice if they could some how control the puppy mill situation"


"Maybe accreditation for schools in regards to training standards, that way students know if they go to a specific school that they are up to scratch"


i totally agree and there ARE schools that do just that!! the potenial students need to FULLY investigate all the schools. simple questions will show them puppy mills.

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- an invitation to the table when important decisions are being made that will affect our industry. Not as a mediator, but as a very interested party.


- some type publication that brings us up to speed as to what the current concerns are, as well as any interesting news regarding what the members might be up to. Who, what, where, when, etc.


- begin establishing some type of trust fund for fallen members (knock on wood).


- define what professionalism means to this industry, and then FOLLOW THE RULES! No more cutting corners because of pressure from our customers, management, or fellow pilots. This applies to the wrenches as well. Less pressure might mean fewer accidents, which could lead to lower insurance costs, which could......


- once we have the numbers approach some life insurance companies for some group quotes to try and ensure every member has adequate life insurance, and disability as well.


- the supply definately exceeds the demand at present. I would like to see the Association become the first stop for prospective helicopter students. They could then get the skinny on what is really happening in the industry at that particular time, and learn what the real chances of finding work are.


- furthermore, take the new people we currently have and begin some type of mentorship program that gives them some exposure to the actual job.


- and last but not least, out of all the potential members, 1 or 2 of us might have a creative solution that we could present to owners to try and work together in raising our rates from the embarassing depths they are at present. What owner in his right mind is not going to want to make more money?


Santa, I've been a good boy - since I woke up this morning.


- oh yeah, a once a year convention where we can all get together and let the snot fly. This is a requirement of a NPO. At this meeting, why not also have large seminars or workshops on various aspects of flying/maintenance. I would love to sit in on a presentation from some of those mountain dudes sharing some of their tricks of the trade. Same applies to IFR, vertical ref, etc, etc, etc, etc.


Get it on!! Right-you-are Ken. :up:

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