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Well, Mr. Mike...you'd be hard-pressed to find an equivalent to HEPAC south of the 49th parallel that combines programs/benefits/career support for both pilots and engineers alike. There are a number of them for either pilots or engineers (typically not both), and many are military related. But perhaps the closest thing, sans engineers, is the Professional Helicopter Pilots Association Internat'l. (PHPA). Here's their link:




That is all. :) And good luck!



Thanks TONS!!! I'll check it out! :punk:

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i've just got to ask.........what does the majority of those joining hepac figure the number one issue that should be discussed/dealt with should be??

in amongst all the issues that people want to see addressed, what do you suppose should take priority above all?

i realize this is just in its infancy stage, but i have sent in my dues and i'm rather excited to get this ball really rolling.

for me, it's getting lowtimers up to speed with some form of government finacial assistance or program......but i've already gone on about that.

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For the info of all concerned the two original directors of HEPAC when it was formed are myself and Helicopper. Three were required to get it going, one has since retired and as soon as we get enough members to vote for directors a list of potential people will be posted, including the position of president. Democracy at it's best.


Up until this happens the list of present volunteers will not be posted unless they wish to do so.


The voting will be held electronically (which is legal) as we cannot afford a formal get together for another few years.


Lets get the membership up and take it from there.


Overnite Miracles can only be produced by One Guy.


Cheers, Don and thanks for the support, it will be a long road, have patience.

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