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Myself is Don McDougall, retired P/E.


Helicopper= Dan Mulligan, Staff/Sgt Pilot OPP.


I will bet you don't know either one of us.


Cheers, Don


The problem with these Forums and nicknames is you don't know who you are talking to.


You are right I don't but I joined anyway.


Tried to join via the website, ended up sending it by mail.


It has been tried before (pilot/Eng Association)


Hope it works now

I am almost at the end of my career now but I would like something like that (with a head on their shoulders and run intelligently) to work.



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thanks for the promotion, donny! (just a lowly sergeant/line pilot)... the staff sergeant's the guy that calls me up in the middle of the night with a job that only rcc trenton's properly equipped to handle safely! (we're working on that... nvg is just around the corner!)


reader's digest version... don's perseverance has gotten HEPAC airworthy... i simply offered my name up to don back in '03 for the third "director" officially required at the time... once membership starts rolling in, my intent is to step aside at election time for the purposes of allowing a far more experienced member of our industry to assume these important directorship responsibilites... my flight experience is significantly limited within a very narrow, policing role... in my opinion, the leaders of HEPAC must be "Been there, done that" and/or "I'm there, doin' that" kinda folks!


after having personally experienced my own little version of aviation ***** (*which, as we all know, is that @#$%^&* helicopter industry time warp which exists between hours 100 and 101-500!!... my own "twilight zone" between flights lasted from April of 1981 through July of 1985)... with that in mind, i would like to devote what little time i have available to my fellow HEPAC associates to establishing a pilot development/mentorship program Canada-wide with the intent of simply making the life of our newly-licenced aviators a little bit easier, with SAFETY being the highest priority... such a program is obviously win-win for the industry as a whole.


having said all that, and in the interests of starting down this "flight path", i need an honest/accurate sense of what the current "new guy/gal" is facing on a daily basis within our industry (aka "the good, the bad & the ugly")... i need this information from both those who are experiencing this first-hand as well as anyone wishing to provide relevant, third party information.


i would also further request input, ideas/suggestions from the entire, pilot talent pool (and certainly ANYONE ELSE within our field!) with the intent of ensuring our new people become productive, professional assets to their employers and proud shareholders of our very unique and challenging industry.


if interested in voluntarily providing your current experiences, etc... kindly send your input (anonymous/confidential/signed/whatever) via e-mail to dmulligan@sympatico.ca





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And having said that Dan.....your professionalism, insight as a working aviator, and experience with an established association is a huge contribution towards HEPAC....Dons intuition, and choice was excellent. A big thanks (and to all those that have contributed/supported HEPAC), :up:


This is directed to "everyone" that is involved, (or is interested in becoming involved) within our industry.

No matter where "you" may be with experience (and time spent)........ "all" can contribute to the direction and maturing process of HEPAC......it is in the industries best interests to see this association succeed.


Its time has come........the helicopter industry has, and is constantly changing.......the flight crews can play an intrigal part in that (ever changing) process. Think about the potential of representation with a larger (combined) voice.


It needs support.....which a lot, comes from the finacial side, so help the ball get rolling by signing up.


For any of you on the west coast, that want to contact me directly my email address is helilog@gmail.com......and for those that know me already.....get your chequebooks and credit cards out, you know I can be relentless ;)


Cheers, Bob Kellie (aka Helilog56)

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Got home and found out that I could "finish" my join up session via PayPal, and click, it was a done deal!


So let's not say: "It's been tried before." "Had a friend one time that knew someone who thought that he knew somebody that tried it." etc etc.


This is new, and will go forward if we all put in positive experiences, support, and a reasonable projection for the future. I know, I know, what is reasonable?


Reasonable is not expecting HEPAC to get me a gilizzon $ just to think about getting out of bed. Would be nice, but not reasonable.


Let's work on making the industry a better place for the newbies, better conditions on the job, and CUSTOMER TRAINING!


So if you have joined, speak up. If not, well, don't speak.


Thanks to those who have lead the way.


Would be nice to see what the membership numbers are ...

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