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100th Anniversary

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It is fast approaching 100 years since the Wright brothers first lumbered into the air and unknowingly started a sickness that most of us find ourselves victim - flying.


What do you guys think the greatest accomplishment has been in these first 100 years, and what do you think the next 100 years will be like?


My prediction for the future of helicopters will be remote flying! I will be able to do the job from my living room sitting in my shorts while I drink a Timmy's. No more sleeping in a tent for me! By the time that fantasy becomes a reality I'll be wearing a depends anyway. Am I full of crap or what? :D:D

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I'm not expecting anything big to happen in aviation for awhile. It's been over 30 years since the 747, concorde, SR71 flew, and the Apollo missions. I can't imagine another period like that again.


As far as the single greatest thing to happen in aviation, that would have to be the day I started flying :lol:


Take it easy,



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Guest graunch1

Hey Max


What about GPS, FADEC, Composite structures, Fly-By-Wire, CNS/ATM, single engine IFR, FANS, the R22, etc etc etc. The aviation world is just getting going. I think the next 50 years will see far greater changes than the past 100. Synthetic vision is here now, what about synthetic/bionic flight controls. Remeber the movie FireFox, that type of technolgy is just around the corner. I envy the yung'uns of the day for the interesting future ahead :D



open your eyes boy the future is ahead if you dream

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