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Great Slave Helicopters Flight School


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I was just at the Great Slave Heli website and discovered that they have a flight school. It looks pretty good, they only accept 10 students a year and they do all the flying in the 206. Does anyone know anything about it? Has anybody trained there? Thanks!



I'm also thinking of maybe going there and taking the 100 hour commercial license. I'm still wondering about how i will ever pay for it though lol. But that is why i came to this site, to get some info about pursuing my career has a heli pilot.

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GSHL basically hires all there successful candidates... take it for what it is, if you meet there version of successful then youve basically got it made.


This being said, 85000 is alot of money.


Do ALOT of research befor you make anything final. The right person can be successful coming from any school.


Cheers, and good luck!


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I am also thinking about a local school that uses R-22's and R-44's. I know one of the instructors there and a Bell check pilot told me that this specific instructor was a "1 in 10,000" pilot and has excellent instincts (the Bell pilot had just returned from 2 hour a practice flight in a 430 with this particular instructor). This school is also a whole lot cheaper, around $46,000 US for both a comercial and a CFI lisence at 165 hours (not including a 15-20 hours in a 44). PM me if you want the name of this school, and I will happily give it to you.

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