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Overflying the US without landing - any authorizations req?

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Hi folks


I''m planning a VFR flight from Montreal to Kingston this week and I will be using the MSS (Massena, NY) VOR to navigate, the thing is I will be inside US airspace (but still uncontrolled) for about 50nm but I won''t be landing at a US airport, do I need any special authorization? I''ll be on a flightplan.


Thanks in advance,



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Contact the US Flight Service directly.


I have run into discrepancies between Nav Can and the US, as the NOTAMS for the US work a little differently. There was a NOTAM issued back on Sept. 11 2001 that was never cancelled by the US. There are specific procedures to follow and restrictions.


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kind of related (to show you how jumpy the yanks are around there)..


you''ll be over the saint lawrence seaway. just upstream of mallorytown is a shipwreck in 40-130 feet of water. if it''s a sunny day you should be able to see it''s outline from the air.


anyhow, this wreck is in the middle of the river, about three inches on the american side of the border. since 9/11 we have been forced to go downriver 10 miles to check in at a border crossing with the americans before diving the wreck. they have actually pursued people by boat who dared to come and dive this wreck without checking in. these people are now charged with a criminal offence in the states. of course, since we are now "officially" in the computer as having left the country, we have to go five miles upriver to "return" to canadian soil after the dive...


a bit off topic, but just to let you know how paranoid the border-watchers are around there.


on the other hand, my friend who used to fly out of Burlington told me that he would often venture north as far as YJN (st jean) just to feel like he was home. he said that so long as you don''t land or act suspiciously there was never a problem.



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