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Crew Change Through The Nitrogen Cycle

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Has anyone found themselves in hot water over blowing through their 30/42/90 ? I would like to hear any transport canada opinions/experience on leniency or discipline for repeat or first time offenders, and how it works in the U/S?


In the past people have crewed out when the job ended, staying 3 in 30, depending on the hours flown. At the end you feel like you're decomposing, thousand yard stare, smelling like an animal graveyard, getting on the plane!


I am sure that this is a common enough thing, depending on the time of year, like 04 fires in Canada, when Transport offered duty extensions. What I am talking about is obviously not of that nature, simply a shortage of crew, rule bending and consequences of getting caught.


Don't get me wrong here, I am not being flippant, just making/shedding light on how serious complying with the regulations is for pilots. I have been hearing a lot of stories from chums lately with all the work, and no workers.


Protect yourself! Wrap up your paperwork. Thank you.

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I think my first concern, if I exceeded any of my FDT limits, is what fun the lawyers would have with me, should I be involved in an accident/incident.

They are legal documents, and would be supenoed, and gone over with a fine tooth comb, so any insurance claim could be voided, blame pointed in your direction, and your life made mighty miserable.

I realize at the time, a person is just trying to help out during a difficult time, while your company tries to arrange a crew change, and the extra hours help pay for the toys, but if it was me, I know what I would say, and do.

Also, if you do it once, the precident is set, and they will usually expect you to do it again.

No doubt, even the best company can be caught out, but they should not expect you to break the law, and should respect you when you tell them no!

If it was me, I would bring the subject up now, with your CP/ops man. and feel them out on it before it happens, when there is no pressure, and cooler heads prevale, not when your in the field, tired, dirty, and p.o. at the world.


My .02 cents worth


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Hmm...Some of us remember complaining when C.A.R.s knocked us back to 120 hr. and 150 hr. seasonal. We used to be 180 hr. in 30

Two cents,



Under FAR Part 91, I can/have flown 180hrs/month. Just because it used to be, doesn't make it right. There's no way we should be flying those types of hours anymore. 150 is plenty in 30, the way things are, lots of guys are doing 150 in 20....



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I guess I just like to be busy.

We got linked in with the airlines with C.A.R.s

Heck...If you were going to get paid the same money to have a reduced schedule in the airlines..why not!?!?

But if you are a seasonal driver then it makes a big difference.

Transport yanked 2500 bucks out of my pocket per month with that little chestnut!

Now, multiply that by 40 aircraft and drivers and it makes a difference to everyones bottom line.

I make no apologies,..when it's go time ...it's go time.


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