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Man oh man, LMAO, thanks for the great discription honestly, but was sitting here reading your post and thinking out loud about this part here and that part there, this piece spinning this way in German and that part spinnig that way in French................when my 6 yr old looked at me and said "Dad are you OK?" (I am still laughing, man i gotta get a hobbie :rolleyes::rolleyes: :up: )

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Widgeon - There must be quite a few EC130 specific engine parts because that is why Blues machine is hangar bound all the time as they use it to support the others.


The landing gear was specifically designed for the 130 and it is actually impossible to get ground resonance because of the way it is designed. The air also circulates in a different manner between the skids and therefore it now lands flat like a 500 and not right rear low like the other AS350 series.


Dont know if TT have made replacement windows for it yet, but again will try and find out.


Heli Ops

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I forgot about the Fadec with the training mode and the dual hydraulic servos ( twinstar version ?) .

Are many of the parts problems with the Turbomeca supplied parts ?. I have been subjected to several rants over the years from a DOM of an EMS provider in Alberta concerning TM donks.

To all the antipodean posters , should be a great game next week but the Ozzies will be crying in their fosters next week !!.

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