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"straked Tail Booms"

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Definitely more T/R authority on the 2x4 ,especially in the hover IGE or OGE.


But you gotta love those flight manual supplements, especially the performance sections.


How do you explain when a customer asks “What can you lift?”


The book says that in my –13 I can only pull what a –11 could pull at a given altitude & OAT. I know I’ll have Tq, N1, and EGT to spare but according to the –13 supplement, I’m not allowed to use it. Then the boss goes and tells the customer “It’ll lift 3000 lbs.” which I know is true enough but means using that left-over Tq, N1, or EGT that I’m really not supposed to use.


Between the –13 and the strakes, I know I can pull more Tq & lift more weight higher up the hill than the book says and still be within all engine limits and the external GW, but have no charts to back it up.


Wah, wah, wah…I’ll be OK now!


Right…what were we talking about?…Oh yeah, …strakes…great mod!

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Let's not forget the Astar B2 has a factory strake on the right side (blades spin the other way) but it was not included on the B3.

Each different model of Astar seems to have a different strake on one or other of its tail fins. I don't know what they are all supposed to do, or why they would keep changing.

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Over talke, wat are u talking about you inglish pig dog, wat iz dis "strake" you speak of, hey Dedier fetch moi mes Gauloises.


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