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Kick The Tires And Light The Fires!

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In May of 2002, Bell 206B C-GXHC gave several dozen cadets a 15 minute tour of Ellis canyon near Pencticton B.C. One of these cadets was hooked when the helicopter backed out in a hover.


That cadet then became a student pilot, on to a private pilot, and on October 22 2007 will commence training to be a commercial helicopter pilot!


I still have some fund issues to take care of but as it stands I will start my training in two weeks or so.


Im sure what many of you are wondering is the school and the hour split. The school ive chosen is Kootenay Valley Helicopters om Creston B.C.. The reason Ive chosen this school boils down to reputation (some of the most successful pilots ive ever met have reccomended this school, and when it comes to putting your money where your mouth is, one of the most influential pilots I know and whos opinion I hold in the highest regard, sent his first bourn son to train last spring at KVH)

As for the hour split I will be getting a 206 endorsement at the end of the course, the hour split will be dependant on the funds available. I have also been toying with the idea of an RH44 endorsement.


Wendell Maki Came very highly reccomended by many of his peers including dozens of people from this site.


The only issue that stood out as something most people would be concerned about is the lack of a backup machine. This came to be an issue for last years students who were given the 206 at a SIGNIFIGANTLY reduced rate.


I find the S300 to be my favorite light piston helicopter after flying in the major 3 platforms.


I will be trying to do a weekly blog as i know myself and other lowtimers benefited from both ryan and matts blogs and they were both fun reading aswell.


Helmet- I worked some extra shifts this summer specifically to buy a gallet lh250 from merrit apperal (if anyone knows a cheaper option please let me know ASAP as i plan on ordering it within the next week)


Thats about it!

Thanks to the good people at vertical for the advice over the last 3 and a half years (wow, has it really been that long?) and you can only imagine how excited I am being only a few weeks away from living a dream. :up:


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you know, cole.. in someways, you remind me of joanie cunningham from happy days.. we all watched her grow up too...


all of us here on the forum have watched you grow from a youngin' with questions coming out the wazooo into a young man about to embark on his career...


you be safe there, my friend... we've all kinda gotten used to having you around, and i, for one, wish ALL the best as you start your training... you'll be someone the other newbies will be watching for inspiration..


my apologies for speaking for other forum members, but i think most will agree with my perspective!!! :up: :punk:

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You know I feel young when I have to google happy days haha.


I kinda realize that most of the people on here know quite alot about me and only a handfull of you have met me. (on the other hand, i will be meeting many of you in february)


I still have quite alot of money to gather in the coming weeks, dealing with some situations right now that have me quite aprehensive.


Trying to stop smiling.


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Awesome Cole!!!!!! I am working on my finance details right now and taking my first steps toward my PPL.... Your an inspiration!!

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Best of luck Cole.


My only word of advice to you: Go to flight school every day like you were going to work. Your young age is going to be your biggest hurdle. Show 'em how mature and responsable you are by having an A-1 work ethic every day. There'll always be at least one clown in any group of students. Make sure you're not one of 'em...

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Thanks for the advice skidz, I think thats definately something I am concerned about but Im gonna have to overcome that haha.


I am definately not the kind of person that would goof off at a $50,000 course and waste my money haha.


If theres anyone you have to worry about, its all the other low timers... theyve never had competition like this befor haha ^_^ (small joke, im not that cocky)




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